Created in 1953 before establishing itself as THE standard in tea, the SALAM has become a symbolic figure of DEGRENNE. With an iconic design, available in several sizes and a multitude of colours, its reputation precedes it… No wonder one is sold every 20 minutes worldwide!
A unique design, an ingenious cover and innovative technology, (re)discover the incomparable SALAM.

Théière Salam Blanche Degrenne
Théière Salam Noire Degrenne
Théière Salam Blanche Degrenne
Théière Salam Noire Degrenne


DEGRENNE’s absolute bestseller, the SALAM teapot has been appealing to tea lovers all over the world since 1953. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for this global success.

Iconic design
The SALAM teapot is recognizable due to its overflowing spout inspired by Bedouin teapots and its large handle. The teapot’s design, with all its curves, is as timeless as it is elegant. This is what has allowed it to span all eras to become a status symbol: sold every 20 minutes in more than 45 countries!

But it’s the cover that makes great tea and infusion lovers swear by it. Lined with felt, it keeps the beverage at the right temperature for an hour, twice as long as a cast iron teapot and three times as long as a porcelain one.

A blend of expertise
The classic SALAM teapot brings together DEGRENNE’s two historic skills: stainless steel in the cover and porcelain in the pot. A double play of materials which illustrates French artisanal and industrial excellence.

Multiple choice
The Salam is so popular because it can be easily adapted for everyone. It is available in 4 sizes (2, 4, 6 and 8 cups) and has been available over the years in a variety of finishes and colours: glossy or matte porcelain pot, mirror polished or matte stainless-steel cover (Salam Classic), brushed aluminium or zinc (Salam Mineral).

A bold new edition
The SALAM is getting a brand-new look this spring with a MONOCHROME edition available in 4 fresh and modern colours. The stainless-steel cover is varnished with the same colour as the ceramic body for a “colour block” effect. Available as a four- and six-cup teapot, SALAM MONOCHROME is available in 4 colours: white, almond green, nude pink and gourmet blue, making it a real decorative object!


The Salam Monochrome collection

Tea & coffee moments punctuate our days from morning to night, whether we want to refuel or sit down and get to work. Famous around the world for its iconic and minimalist design, the SALAM is getting a brand-new look this spring with its latest MONOCHROME edition! DEGRENNE has reinvented its legendary 1950s teapot with fresh, new colours.



The Empileo collection

Available in the new EMPILEO collection, the colour scheme of SALAM MONOCHROMES adds a touch of pizzaz to these original and playful coffee sets. Stackable and modular, the different cups decorated with Degrenne’s signature clover can be combined as mix and match or colour block. They become a real decorative item when placed on the stainless-steel saucer with its cubic pattern.





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